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12 Instagram Updates You Need to Know Before 2019 Ends

Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users around the world. Like other social media platforms, Instagram is full of features to entertain and engage users. The modern social media channel reveals Instagram updates frequently, and keeping up with social media changes is a challenge. So lets us find some of the most important Instagram features that benefit both users and marketers.

Since its launch, Instagram has added many features that benefit both brands and personal users with paid ads as well as organic posts. Let’s dive deep into Instagram’s classic features and new updates.

  1. Instagram Dark Mode

Users can now enable dark mode for Instagram.

Instagram users with certain operating systems such as iOS 13 and Android 10 are now experiencing the darker version of Instagram on their mobile devices. If you have these versions, you can now enable and disable through display themes.

  1. Restrict

Instagram has launched a new feature called Restrict that will allow users to block interactions from users. Restrict feature is different from blocking someone because the profile which has been blocked will know that they are blocked.

If a user sends a hateful comment to your account, no one will be able to see it but them. The account user will be able to reveal the comment if they are interested, otherwise restrict comment will be in its place.

  1. Create Interface

With the latest Instagram updates, users can now add GIFs, countdown timers, Q&A, boxes, quizzes with a single swipe, you don’t have to go to the sticker’s button and choose manually.

On this day– With this Instagram users will be able to share posts of mutual friendships that were formed a year ago.

Templates– Templates are pre-designed Instagram stories that would appear like empty spaces to fill answers. With this, you can add fun to your Instagram stories by sharing more of your personality with your audience.

  1. Hashtag Insights

With the help of hashtag Insights, Instagram users can now track exactly how many impressions are gained from each hashtag. Insights are exponentially easier to determine which hashtags are working and which need more creativity to work.

If you aren’t seeing any insights, then you are using the wrong hashtags.

  1. Remove Followers

Instead of downloading a third-party application to remove fake followers or bots, Instagram’s new feature called Remove followers lets account holders remove fake followers manually. Fake followers never like or comment on your posts and having too many fake followers can bring down the engagement rate. When our posts aren’t engaging, users assume our content isn’t good, which limits the number of visits.

Removing your followers would reduce your follower’s count, but increases your engagement rate.

  1. Moment Countdown

Build hype around what you create

Moment Countdowns are a classic marketing strategy that inspires action and using these regularly excite people about what you are up to. Ways you can use countdown timer:

  • Limited time offers
  • Reminders to sign up for webinars
  • Announcing upcoming event/openings, etc.
  1. Post to Multiple Accounts

Post to multiple accounts feature allows you to publish to multiple accounts at the same time which becomes easier for businesses to share the same message without having to reinvent the wheel.

If you want to share a promotional image or update, create specific content for each account.

  1. Algorithm Update

Create the right content for the latest algorithm by sharing the most valuable content. High-quality content is visually appealing. Make sure you use captions, mentions and hashtags for added advantage. Here is what Instagram’s new algorithm updates:

  • Most recent activity (posts with images or videos) will have the most priority. So stay active on Instagram to create new content for your followers.
  • User engagement is the key. If users engage with your content, they are more likely to see your posts.
  • User Interest depends on what they see in your feed. Aim to get users to interact with all your posts.
  • Increase transparency. Show users why you are a trustworthy brand.
  1. Stories Updates

Stories updates are highly encouraged by users and marketers. Just this year, Instagram has updated many new interactive features in stories.

Stories @mentions & @stickers

Instagram has created the ability for users to use @mentions to tag other users to their stories. With @mentions users can tag their friends’ usernames or location and that can be added as stickers or typed on the image.

With this feature, you can share your audience content in your own stories which provide a more authentic and trustworthy feel. This would be great for businesses to increase brand awareness and reach.

Bulk uploads to stories

Instagram has announced that users can now upload bulk images and videos to stories. Uploading bulk stories will be a great time saving for business and social media managers.

  1. Name Tags

Just like QR codes, Instagram is trying to make it cool with Name Tags. Name tags allow you to share your account with other Instagram users by creating an image that can be scanned. People see it as an effective networking tool to replace business cards.

  1. Shoppable Tags

Shoppable tags are a great way to showcase products and brands in live-action or in user-generated content. These tags work like stickers that appear on the image you post, which lets users buy. For example, if brands feature a model for handbags, they can tag the bags on the image so that users can click right over to the product and purchase the bag.

  1. Q&A Instagram Live

You may be familiar with Instagram Live; there is a newer addition to the feature called Question and Answer Instagram Live. Q&A Live combines Instagram stories questions stickers and Instagram Live.

Answering a question during Instagram live becomes much easier. A simple question box appears and Instagram users can pop their questions in and it displays clearly. People can clearly see what question is being currently asked and regardless of when they join the live video; they will know what exactly is going on.


Instagram evolves quickly to keep up with demands and competition from other platforms. You need to stay focused on new features and updates and concentrate on how you can benefit from new features as a brand or a personal profile. As the algorithm has changed to favor engagements, keep engagements as your top priority. Make sure your profile stands out and get amazing results before 2019 ends!

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