4 Actionable Ways to Drive Relevant Traffic to a Geo-Targeted Landing Page

4 Actionable Ways to Drive Relevant Traffic to a Geo-Targeted Landing Page

Geography has significant importance when it comes to creating customized and local landing pages. If you own a burger joint based in Newark, you’d want to create a website with geo-targeted landing pages that contain information about this city. Most importantly, however, you’d want these landing pages to receive traffic from Newark.

Even though website visitors from other cities would add to your popularity, those who live in Newark are more likely to convert into paying customers, attend events, take part in local competitions, and respond more to your marketing endeavors. But how do you bring relevant visitors to your geo-targeted landing pages? Here are some tips.

1. Create Geo-Targeted Banner Ads

geo-targetedSome eye-catching banner ads can attract the attention of local visitors. You can publish them on social media as well as search engines. Creating custom banners isn’t difficult, and you don’t need to be a graphic designer to get started. All you require is a great CTA button, some geo-targeted text, a fancy background, and a related image (perhaps your logo). PhotoScape, Photoshop, and other similar software setups are a blessing in disguise when it comes to creating your own banners.

2. Leverage Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

This is a great tactic to bring relevant traffic to geo-targeted pages. However, it requires you to build an email list from scratch, which isn’t an easy endeavor. That said, HorizonEmailAdvertising and other companies that provide targeted email campaign services give you the option of directing your email efforts to a targeted audience. Such solution providers target your email advertising campaign to people based on Gender, Age, Industry, Occupation, City, State, or Country. Everyone, from SMBs to large corporations, can leverage such options, as most vendors give the option to select campaign size according to one’s budget.

3. Become a Guest Author on Local Blogs

You don’t need to spend a dime to implement this strategy. All you need is great pitching and writing skills to bring exposure to your geo-targeted landing pages. Create a list of relevant websites, and pitch them a valuable topic. When you create a blog post or two for them, remember to link a specific keyword in your author box to a geo-targeted landing page. You can also do the same with the content itself, but make sure the links look natural with a call-to-action that’s different than the norm. In the author box, however, you can also create a small description of what your geo-targeted landing pages offer to attract visitors.

4. Host an Event

This is a neglected method as people don’t normally associate offline visitors with online traffic. However, you can arrange a local event and direct booth visitors to your geo-targeted landing pages. For instance, you can host a contest and the winner can be offered a discount code or a prize. To make sure the entrants go to your landing pages, you can mention that people can only be eligible for the competition after they fill out a form on your landing page. You can even create a hashtag for the landing page form so that friends of the attendees can sign up quickly if they want to be a part.

With these tips, you’d see a positive uptick in your traffic stats counter for geo-targeted landing pages.

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