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6 Ways to Use the Cloud to Start a Business

Starting a small business can seem impossible. There is so much to do on the front end before you even open the doors. We are now in the age of the cloud where all of our information can be stored and accessed anywhere we are. Not only does this make running a business easier, but it makes it much more efficient. The cloud can be your secret weapon to any aspect of the start-up process of you business. Here’s how.


Most businesses these days have an online presence. One of the first things you should do, besides coming up with a name, should be to register your business for an online domain name. This doesn’t have to be your first step when building a website, but doing it sooner rather than later will help in backing up your website on the cloud.


As soon as you have the domain name for you website, it would be beneficial to use that domain name as your business email address (for example: ). While it may not be entirely necessary, it will help your professional presence immensely. Regardless of whether you do so or not, it’s imperative that you also back up your emails using a cloud-based backup system that is known for its encryption.

File Legal Paperwork

Thanks to these highly encrypted cloud options, it’s now safe to store your legal paperwork in a place where you can access it whenever you need it. Now you don’t have to worry about being caught without a document you absolutely need.

Social Media

Most people don’t realize how much stuff comes with marketing your business on social media. In this day and age, advertising yourself on social media is the way to go. You’ll be able to reach and interact with more people than you ever would any other way.


Despite the fact that social media may be the most effective way of advertising, that’s mainly for people in younger generations. Depending on your business, you may want or need to advertise to older generations that are not necessarily on or affected by social media. Even if your marketing materials are printed, you’ll need to store things like image files and mailing lists. And when it comes to other people’s personal information, having encrypted storage is that much more important.

Backup and Organize Files

No matter what your business, you will more than likely need to store and organize your files digitally. Backing up your whole computer system and electronic network is not only smart, it’s necessary. Because terrible things do happen, keeping your files organized will make it easier to start up again without skipping a beat in the event that you need to rely on your backed up system. While a physical back up can also be helpful, it is still less reliable than an online version in certain cases.

Running a business can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially not when you have the cloud in your corner.

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