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PCI Compliance Facts & Myths

credit-car-1197771_640I want to try and provide some more logistical help in this blog as well as “theory.” PCI compliance is one area that has really screwed up some of my retail and other clients that accept credit and debit cards. BluePay sent me this guide, and I thought it was a good one.
PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance is a set of rules that regard data security across a series of credit and debit card payments. Businesses must to comply with the rules outlined by the PCI Security Standards Council in order for their merchant account to stay in good standing. Every business that accepts debit and credit cards must obey with these standards, regardless of what type of processing technique they use. BluePay has put together a slideshow answering some FAQs, as well as debunk some myths, surrounding PCI compliance.

Check it out:

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