3 Ways to Add Experiential Marketing To Your Next Campaign

3 Ways to Add Experiential Marketing To Your Next Campaign

experiential marketing

Experiential marketing can boost your IMC results.

Experiential marketing is a special type of strategy that focuses on the power of an experience. Brands that utilize this type of marketing reap huge rewards as they create loyalty and trust with their customers through unforgettable moments.

While many experiential marketing campaigns that reach mainstream attention are bombastic and utilize a huge budget, any business can incorporate this concept into their marketing.

Whether you’re an eCommerce site or you provide SEO Chicago services, experiential marketing is within your grasp. Here are three ways to add it to your next campaign:

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

If you haven’t tried VR yet, you need to fix that. With options that are incredibly cheap, like Google Cardboard, it’s not difficult to get this experience for yourself. While there are more expensive options that enhance the experience, the core of the experience is something that cannot be fully described.

New York Times Senior Editor Sam Dolnick explained in an interview with The Verge that virtual reality was able to “evoke the feeling of actually visiting a new place.” The cousin of VR, augmented reality, allows you to see things in the real world that aren’t really there. They are superimposed onto the world around you.

Truly, the power of these technologies allows you to provide an experience like none other. A perfect example of this technology at work, is the XC90 Test Drive that Volvo did, allowing people to download and experience a test drive in their latest car, simply by using their mobile phones and Google Cardboard.

2. Live Video Streams

Live streaming through services like Periscope and Facebook Live offer a chance for users to be  fully immersed into an event. Even if they’re not present, it creates a sense of urgency. It also gives them a memory to hold onto since the stream only happens live once.

Streaming video requires nothing more than a smartphone and an internet connection, making it a cost-effective strategy for any sized business. One of my personal favorites when it comes to  live streaming, is the video that Tastemade did on Facebook Live where they cooked an entire meal in one of their iconic “tiny kitchens” for the benefit of 3.8 million viewers as of this writing.

There’s something fresh and exciting about live content, and it’s a great way to bring that iconic experience into your brand’s marketing.

3. Storytelling

Stories are at the core of the us as human beings. Philip Pullman once said: “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the only thing we need most in the world.” A great story has the power to give us an experience that’s just as profound as the real thing, which is why stories should not be left to the wayside when you’re considering experiential options.

If you can create engaging stories that place your customers at the center of the tale, then you’re well on your way towards persuading them to buy into your brand. Using strong imagery and descriptive wording triggers the same areas of our brain that would trigger if we were actually experiencing those things. It’s truly incredible.

The takeaway here, is that stories offer experiences that are just as profound as real ones when done correctly. Make sure you use them in your marketing and on your social media.

Final Thoughts

Experiential marketing is an excellent way to spice up an otherwise ordinary campaign. Try incorporating these three things into your marketing strategy, and watch how your engagement skyrockets as a result! Have you tried using experiential strategies? Let us know in the comments!

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