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Video Marketing: Six tactics to try on your next integrated campaign

Video Marketing Campaigns: 6 Online Marketing Tactics to Try with Video!
Video marketing needs to be part of your integrated mix

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly important component of the integrated marketing experience. Visual assets are an indispensable tool towards creating a coherent and well-aligned integrated marketing campaign.

There is a lot to keep track of as more and more brands enter the video scene and it can be hard to stand out. Plus, each new video marketing tactic contributes something different to the medium. It can be challenging to distinguish the worthwhile trends from those that are superfluous or merely just for fun.

Despite its complexities video marketing can provide a huge boost to your integrated marketing campaign. Here are six video marketing tactics to try as part of your integrated mix:

  1. Bumper ads. Brief YouTube advertisements let you share your brand’s message and reach more viewers on the largest online video platform. Unlike longer ads, these six-second long spots are “unskippable,” giving your brand a high-impact window to make an impression on viewers.
  2. 360-Degree videos.  Users can now experience the thrills of being at an exciting event or beautiful location from anywhere. Particularly because of the rising popularity of virtual reality headsets, which immerse the user even more completely in the video, 360-degree videos are an effective way to promote events and products alike. While 360-degree videos have lower retention rates than standard ads, they experience much higher CTR and consistently elicit increased engagement from consumers.
  3. Live streaming. If you’re not using this feature, you’re missing out on a huge increase in reach. There are several ways for businesses to take advantage of this feature including company updates, behind the scenes shots, and Q&A with users. Live streaming provides an endless range of possibilities, and is a great way to interact directly with users. 80% of users report a preference for watching a live video from a brand over reading a blog. Just make sure your video quality is clear—62% of consumers report being more likely to negatively perceive a company whose live videos are grainy or choppy.
  4. Device continuity. Over 80% of adults in the 18-49 demographic use multiple devices capable of video streaming. Furthermore, many young adults enjoy the flexibility that linked videos provide. Rather than pausing a video on one device, continuity between devices allows users to switch between their computers and smartphones seamlessly. Integrating different types of mobile or banner ads, or using text or email as a linked tactic might be worth consideration.
  5. Soundless videos. Similarly, the rise in smartphones has prompted a desire to be constantly consuming online content. While a user watches the television, they may also be scrolling through social media. In fact, 22% of people who regularly watch television regularly stream videos on their smartphones while watching TV according to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). To avoid the noise pollution that this simultaneous viewership would create, around 80% of videos on Facebook are played without any sound. For Facebook and many other platforms, marketers will need to adapt their videos for users who are unable or unwilling to turn up their volume.
  6. Video email marketing. When email and video meet, you can expect to see your email’s CTR and open rate to increase between 200-300%. Videos are such an engaging way to interact with consumers.  It follows that integrating videos with email enables brands to maintain an open line of contact with their customers. Featuring a video on a landing page can increase conversion by as much as 80%. With such dramatic advantages, including videos in your email marketing content is a surefire step to take in order to maximize the impact of your customer outreach.

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  1. When you say soundless videos, I think we can think of gif format images as well cuz they work well too, only thing is that they are not videos but image file type.

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