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The Importance of a Link Profile

Most individuals realize how important link building is for a website, but this just represents one aspect. There are numerous aspects regarding a solid profile for SEO, or search engine optimization.

The quality of a profiles links is looked at by the Google crawler. A profile can be classified as unhealthy by Google and the other search engines when the website links have low rankings or poor SEO practices despite the number of links. When a profile contains toxic links, they must be disavowed, or link juice will affect rankings by being passed to the site.

Links should remain within the proper niche. A popular restaurant in Houston will want their website links to come from websites in their field of expertise. This means the website links should come from websites featuring Houston dining, food blogs, local tourist organizations, etc. If the link profile is featuring Colorado snowboarding, the website will not be considered relevant by the search engines, and the ranking will drop.

There should not be too many links from a small website network. This can damage the link profile. The links should be high-quality, natural, and from numerous and trustworthy sources.

A healthy and strong link profile can increase a site’s high-quality traffic. This will generally increase the interest in the services and products offered. The site can be the most highly optimized on the web, all the metadata can be perfectly on point, and the link profile can still suffer. Conversions will drop because the traffic is not getting to the site. Online marketing is competitive, and it is important to ensure visitors are reaching the site. The way visitors reach the site is the way the site will be seen by Google and the additional search engines.

When an individual is not sure of the websites link profile or the health of the site, they probably don’t know where to begin. 445 Media can provide assistance because they are experts in SEO both off and on-page. This includes reporting, keyword research, and link building. They look at the link profile, develop strategies and disavow any toxic links. This results in high-quality links capable of driving conversions and traffic to the site.

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